19cm Platform Pump Heels
19cm Platform Pump Heels
19cm Platform Pump Heels
19cm Platform Pump Heels
19cm Platform Pump Heels

19cm Platform Pump Heels

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19 cm round toe platform high heels for sale. Free shipping. These high heels come with a 7cm + platform with rubber outsole. This pump style is great with many playful outfits for any season. The lining material is same as insole material - PU. Very big high heel sizes are available. You have come to the right place if you want large sizes.

Use the below size chart to select your high heel size. These fit slightly smaller than usual depending on foot shape. Choose your size carefully.

US 4=CHINA 34=Foot length 22 cm         

US 4.5=CHINA 35=Foot length 22.5 cm
US 5.5=CHINA 36=Foot length 23 cm       

US 6=CHINA 37=Foot length 23.5 cm
US 7=CHINA 38= Foot length 24 cm        

US 8=CHINA 39= Foot length 24.5cm
US 8.5=CHINA 40= Foot length 25 cm       

US 9.5=CHINA 41= Foot length 25.5 cm
US 10=CHINA 42= Foot length 26 cm

US 11=CHINA 43= Foot length 26.5 cm

US 12=CHINA 44= Foot length 27 cm

US 13=CHINA 45= Foot length 27.5 cm

US 13.5=CHINA 46= Foot length 28 cm

US 14=CHINA 47= Foot length 28.5 cm

US 15=CHINA 48= Foot length 29cm

US 16=CHINA 49= Foot length 29.5 cm
US 17=CHINA 50= Foot length 30cm